Needing A Good Pedicure?

A Predicure removes all the dead skin and softens your hard skin and shapes and treats your toenails. 
A Pedicure can help your posture enabling your to walk more comfortably. A pedicure can also help you to smooth and relax you in general.  Once one of of our technicians has messaged some of our softening and soothing creams, you will begin to feel like you are walking on air. 
When coming to the salon you can expect that it will take at least 30 to 90 minutes depending on what is involved. 

Our pedicure process:

*We start out with a good soak with warm, clean water to help soften the skin. 
* The next process is to  add an exfoliating rub with salts and minerals to get off the dead skin. 
*We will then close off with a message to your feet and lower legs.
*After message we will  then from here apply a good polish to finish off. 

Our Pedicures start at $39.00 and up. 

Looking for a good manicure?

How is your good hand care routine? Many of us time after time neglect our hands and nails and cuticles leaving them feeling rough and dry. We offer full services manicures that will help your hand feeling rejuvenated. 

*Our manicurists will help to shape your nails and correct the length.
*We will help to push back the cuticle to give then a clean surface.
*We will then give you a hand massage and apply our moisturizer to your hand before apply nail polish.  
*Whether it be a french manicure or general color we can help you select the right color for your hands

Manicures $21.00

Gel Manicures $26.00